Let's Put Together the  Nourishment Pillow

Let's Put Together the Nourishment Pillow

Hey y'all! I am so excited that my Nourishment quilt and pillow patterns have finally released!! If you grabbed a pattern I can't wait to see all the finished pictures and I hope you share them with me!

Today I wanted to help walk you through the construction of the pillow case. I am using an envelope style back for this pillow for two reasons. First, it is easy for my daughter to take on and off so she can help switch out the pillows as she chooses. Secondly, this is a fast method and since this project is for speed it seemed perfect!

So I am assuming you purchased the pattern, and finished your top, and have all the pieces cut out for the backing at this point. If not then refer to the pattern dn get those pieces ready to make the next steps easier.


First you will take your two back pieces and fold the edge down on one long side 1/2" and the another 1/2" and press well. Repeat for the other piece. Now sew two rows of stitches down to hold in place. You can run only one row of stitched but I find two rows gives a nice finished look. This will the where you insert the pillow.



Now you will layer it all together. Begin with laying your pillow front (completed block from the pattern) down with right sides facing up. Now you will lay your two backing pieces down with right sides facing the pillow top. This will overlap and that is good! This will help hold in and hide your pillow form. Once this is laid down nicely, match the edges and pin in place. I find Clover Wonder Clips do a great job, but sewing pins work as well. 


Continue by stitching all around the pillow tops with 1/2" seam allowance. Once you have sewn all around the edge You should finish the raw edge inside. You can do this by using a zigzag stitch or a serger. 


All that is left to do is turn your pillow case right sides out, press the edges nicely, and insert your pillow form! 



I hope this helped give you a visual for how I constructed the pillow case and I truly hope you share them with me so I can see all of the beautiful Nourishment pillows and quilts all over!

Chat soon, 


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Really nice pillow. Plan to make this one.


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